GLOB #1: Pumpkin Pie or Thanksgiving at the Kievmans

by Hayley Kievman (Carson’s youngest daughter)

I tend to bite off more than I can chew, thus instead of commencing our thanksgiving festivities at noon I arrived at 5 pm. An average person would get nervous about being late, but I am not an average person. I am a blessed person. I am blessed because I have a father who doesnt radiate the kind of energy that makes one nervous about their personal timeline. Life happens when it happens, and you need not let the social construction that is time regulate your emotional obligations. Who would have thought that in November of 2018 my father would be here in the northeast celebrating thanksgiving with us. What a trip. Our bellies are full and our minds content, as richard blasts pink floyd and the heat radiating from the space heater hits our toes and warms our bodies we remember how grateful we are that we have eachother.

(Money by Pink floyd plays in the background)

But forget money. Forget time. Put aside the materialistic conditioning that we have been programmed to yearn. What do we REALLY need? The answer doesnt lie on the flip side of a price tag. It lies in the ones you love. It lies in your family.

If thanksgiving means that we get to spend the whole day with the people that matter most, then let every day be thanksgiving.

Rejoice, you are loved.

-Hayley Tuesday

Carson Kievman