in 4 Scenes

Percussion Quartet and String Quartet (with optional performers)

"As a builder of music-theater constructions, Kievman is a wizard!" The Village Voice

"The Mark Brothers (including cousin Karl) meet the new music in Carson Kievman's madcap program… Mr. Kievman has lavished comic ingenuity upon scoring and staging… the piece is so entertaining that it's hard to knit your brow while your laughing uproariously, the music is enthralling! Tours de Farce!" New York Times

"Vigorously innovative and uplifting," Newsday

"Carson Kievman has created a unique and controversial form of music experience" The New York Post

"A striking space-age concept" The Gannet Newspapers

The f ully staged premiere took place at the Public Theater / New York Shakespeare Festival, Produced by Joseph Papp, Directed by Carson Kievman in 1979 [presented under the collective title "Wake Up, It's Time To Go To Bed!"]. European Concert Premiere at the Darmstadt Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik 1976. American Concert Premiere at California Institute of the Arts, also in 1976.  The work was performed at the 4th International Composers Festival, Boswil Switzerland (Winner: Jury's Prize and Participant's Prize) and repeated at the Rotenfabrik, Zurich, followed by performances at the State Theater Basel, Switzerland. Players have included, Rick Saks, David Van Tiegam, William Moersch, Steve Payson, John Bergamo, Ed Mann, Dennis Kuhn, Siegfried Kutterer, Jean-Claude Forestier, Edith Salmen, Claudia Hafer, Susan Krongold, Ruth Ann DeMarco, Erika Nelson Boros, Jürg Wittenbach, Carson Kievman, David Arden, Ellen Greene, Joseph Kubera, Elizabeth Brown, Marty Ehrlich, Dennis Masuzzo, Lawrence Raiken and many other fine musicians.




  1. Acquisition of wealth by the silvery moon.

  2. Cooperation in stormy weather, or Breakfast on Fifth Avenue.

  3. The breakdown of trade, or How I got to the New Hebrides Islands in the fog.

  4. Postscipt for String Quartet

  1. Die Bereicherung des silbernen Mond.

  2. Zusammenarbeit bei stürm, oder Frühstück auf der 5th Avenue.

  3. Der Zusammenbruch des Handels, oder Wie ich im Nebel die New Hebrides Inseln fand.

  4. Postscriptum für Streichquartet

  1. Acquisition de la richesse par la lune argentée.

  2. Coopération dans la temps orageux ou Déjeuner sur la 5th Avenue.

  3. La catastrophe du commerce ou Comment je suis allé auz Nouvelles Hébrides par temps de brouillard.

  4. Post scriptum pour quatuor à cordes

  1. Adquisición de riqueza por la luna plateada.

  2. Cooperación durante la tormenta, o como almuerzo en la quinta avenida.

  3. La suspención del comercio, o cómo ilegué a las islas Nuevas Hébridas durante neblina.

  4. Post script para cuarteto de cuerdas

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